Florida celebrated 529 Day 2014 in style!

Officially celebrated on May 29th (5/29), 529 Day highlights the importance of saving for college. College savings is something we take seriously, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too! We’d like to thank everyone who celebrated 529 Day, 2014 with the Florida Prepaid College Board! Make sure to sign up for our emails, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss the next party! Below you’ll find all the ways that the Florida Prepaid College Board celebrated 529 Day, 2014!

Free College Savings Kit

Everyone who signed up for a Florida 529 Savings Plan through June 30, 2014 received a College Savings Kit, complete with fun tools and gifts to help navigate the world of college savings. College Savings Kits included:

529 Day Sweepstakes

This year, to celebrate college savings, the Florida Prepaid College Foundation held a 529 Day Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes provided 10 lucky winners with a $529 Scholarship deposited into a Florida 529 Savings Visit the Florida 529 Day Sweepstakes page for more details and winners.


The Florida Prepaid College Board also brought the celebration to families across Florida! Families joined us at their local events to have some fun and get more information about college savings options with some of our own college savings professionals.

Make your 529 day last all year long.

529 Day can be lots of fun, but it’s important to remember that saving for college is something you should celebrate every day. Dedicated to saving for a higher education, 529 plans are a tax-advantage way to save for your child, a relative, a friend’s child or even yourself. By beginning your college savings today you’ll not only gain from the growth of your funds, but you’ll also gain peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have something saved when it’s time for college. Here are some fun ways that you can celebrate college savings on any day of the year:

More about the Florida 529 Savings Plan.

529 savings plans let you start saving whenever you want for as long as you want. You can choose how much you want to save and decide specifically what the money will pay for once it’s time for college. And the best part is your earnings are all tax-free when used for qualified educational expenses! Learn more about College Savings 101. Or, if you already know you’re ready to save, check out our Florida 529 Savings Plan!

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