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We’re glad you’re interested in our plan options. Here you will find a variety of tools to help you understand the cost of college, how you can start saving for it and why saving early is so important. From an interactive conversation with Michael and Alice to our easy-to-use calculators, you’ve come to the right place to gain a much better understanding of how Florida Prepaid can support you and your savings goals.

Prepaid vs 529 Savings Plans College Savings FAQs

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Interactive Savings Conversation

Have fun learning about college savings and Florida Prepaid with Michael and his daughter Alice in our Interactive Conversation. Whether you’ve already looked through our site and still need a little help or you’re just getting started, this Interactive Conversation will help you learn more about Florida 529 Savings Plans, Florida Prepaid College Plans and how saving today can be affordable and manageable. Watch as Michael breaks down jargon and complex ideas in a style that’s easy to understand, and visually appealing. Make sure you turn up your speakers or put on your headphones to enjoy this experience.

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So Many Reasons To Save

These short, informative videos will give you a little insight into the importance of saving for college with Florida Prepaid. From unemployment rates of college graduates vs. non-college graduates, to student loan debt and the importance of saving early, the facts speak for themselves. So have a look, then explore more about Florida Prepaid and how we can help you find the best college savings plan for your future graduate.

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