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Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Board Launches 2015-16 Open Enrollment Period With Prepaid Plans Starting at $46 a Month

The 2015-16 Open Enrollment Period kicks off October 15, with affordable plan prices remaining close to last year’s historic low prices.

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Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Board Approves 2015-16 Plan Prices – Maintains Affordable Options for Florida Families

The Florida Prepaid College Board sets Prepaid Plan prices for the 2015-16 Open Enrollment period that begins Oct. 15, 2015 Plans to be offered starting at $46 per month, providing options for a variety of family budget needs The 1-Year Florida University Plan is Florida Prepaid College Board’s newest offering, allowing families to share in […]


Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Board, Early Learning Coalitions Launch Statewide Cradle to College™ Initiative

Partnership promotes value of early education, early college saving for 170,000 families Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Prepaid College Board today launched a statewide education initiative in partnership with Early Learning Coalitions from Miami to the Panhandle, in an effort to educate Florida families about the values of early education and saving early for college. […]


Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Foundation Awards 1-Year Florida University Plans to 10 families

The Florida Prepaid College Foundation has awarded 10 families a 1-Year Florida University Plan scholarship worth approximately $7,000, as part of its ongoing commitment to increase awareness of college savings options.


Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Board Sells Record Number of Plans Thanks to Lower Pricing, New Plan Option

Families purchased nearly 51,000 plans during annual Open Enrollment Period, including more than 42,000 Prepaid College Plans Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Prepaid College Board today urged families to take advantage of reduced prices for some of the most popular Florida Prepaid Plans, by purchasing a plan before Open Enrollment ends this month. The annual […]


Press Release: Record Number of Families Saving Early with Florida Prepaid College Plans

As Prepaid Plan sales reach levels not seen since 2010, Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program promotes the importance of saving for college and will award 1-Year Florida University Plans to 10 families Tallahassee, FL – More than 32,000 Florida Prepaid Plans have already been purchased from the Florida Prepaid College Board at prices not seen in […]


Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Board Encourages Families to Give the Gift of Education

As Floridians across the state tackle their holiday shopping lists, the Florida Prepaid College Board encourages families to give the gift of education by purchasing a Prepaid Plan. Prices of the most popular prepaid plans are now being offered at up to half off last year’s prices.


Florida Prepaid College Foundation Marks State’s Biggest College Football Weekend with Scholarships

Four 1-Year Florida University Plan winners announced at rivalry games, share college savings stories The Florida Prepaid College Foundation this past weekend celebrated the launch of its new 1-Year Florida University Plan by giving four winners each a 1-Year Florida University Plan, along with tickets to the rivalry football games between four of the state’s […]


Press Release: Winners Announced for the Florida Prepaid College Foundation Tickets & Scholarship Giveaway

Four winners will each receive a 1-Year Florida University Plan and tickets to the college football rivalry games Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Prepaid College Foundation has announced the winners of the statewide Tickets & Scholarship giveaway celebrating the launch of its new 1-Year Florida University Plan. The four winners each receive a 1-Year Florida […]

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Press Release: Record-Setting First Week for Florida Prepaid College Plan Open Enrollment

Lower plan prices, a new affordable plan offering and waived application fees – coupled with a statewide campaign to educate families about the power of saving for college – have resulted in a record-setting first week of Open Enrollment...


Press Release: Florida Prepaid Kicks Off Historic Open Enrollment Period

Families will see up to 50 percent lower plan prices, new 1-Year University Plan, waived application fee, and ‘Starting is Believing’ campaign to empower college savings choices.


Press Release: Florida Prepaid College Foundation Bolsters College Savings for 10 Florida Students

The Florida Prepaid College Foundation today announces the 10 winners of its 529 Day Sweepstakes, held as part of the Florida Prepaid College Board’s celebration of National 529 College Savings Day.

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Why You Should Start Saving for College

You’ll do a lot to make sure your child has everything they could need to be as successful as possible. But, have you considered the effect of college savings?...


New Law Significantly Lowers the Cost of Florida Prepaid College Plans

This week, Governor Rick Scott signed into law House Bill 851, making saving for a college education with a Florida Prepaid College Plan more affordable.

Magnifying Glass

The Hidden Cost of Not Saving

We know that saving for college now can help you save in the future, but did you know that saving now could also help your child’s academic success? Don’t believe us? Check out the facts…


Pay Less for College!

Relying on future student loans could save you from having to worry about college now, and with so many current students taking out loans it could seem like an easy way to invest in education. But, the truth is...

Mom and child with piggy bank

Why Celebrate College Savings?

Why should we celebrate anything the IRS has to offer? Well, it’s because these plans are so great, they definitely need their own holiday. Don’t believe us? Let us count the ways...

Mother and child

Happy Mother’s Day!

From homemakers to career women, every mother is different. But, one thing is certain: every mother deserves our thanks and appreciation.


Celebrate with Us at 529 Events!

This month, for 529 Day, we’ll be bringing the party to you! You’ll be able to...


PRESS RELEASE: Celebrate National 529 College Savings Day Early with the Florida Prepaid College Board

529 Day Sweepstakes giving away 10 $529 Scholarships, plus free College Savings Kit for new Florida 529 Savings Plan account.

National 529 Savings Day

Florida 529 Day Sweepstakes Kick-off!

National College Savings Day (or 529 Day for short) is a great time to start saving for families everywhere to celebrate their...


April is Florida College System Month!

This year the 28 colleges that comprise the Florida College System are celebrating 56 years of creating high-quality, affordable educations for Florida students.


Tax Time is Savings Time!

It's no secret that tuition is skyrocketing and it won't be coming down anytime soon. When trying to save for a price that's always on the rise, the best strategy is...


Mixed Messages – What Should I Really Save For?

The average college student graduates with around $27,000 in student loan debt. This is considered a manageable amount of debt, considering that the degree they’ve...


Prepaid Enrollment is Over, Saving for College Isn’t

Did you miss Open Enrollment? Well, don’t worry about missing out on college savings. We still have a plan to help you start saving today!

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America Saves Week!

In honor of America Saves Week, we here at the Florida Prepaid College Program would like to take the time to reiterate the importance that saving for your child’s education now could have on their future.

Working for College

Can Students Still Work to Pay for College?

The truth is, many students do have part-time jobs and work summers, but the hefty cost of attending college still leaves them with bills to pay. According to a study by PBS, the last school-year a student could have feasibly paid for college with their earnings was...

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Why Parents Love Prepaid

There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift for your special student than the gift of college savings! We’re not the only ones who think so! For 25 years the Florida Prepaid College Program has helped families in Florida save for their higher education expenses. Here are some stories from...


Mythbusting – the Prepaid Way

The Florida Prepaid College Program has been around for 25 years and, while over 1 million Floridians have benefited from our plans, there are still myths and misconceptions about...

Open Enrollment Ends Feb. 28

Open Enrollment Ends Feb. 28th – Press Release

Families have only one month remaining to purchase a Florida Prepaid College Plan during this year’s Open Enrollment. The opportunity to take advantage of current plan prices -- which remain...


Life with Student Loan Debt

Leaving your child to take out student loans now could make a huge difference for their financial situation in the future. Today, many graduates are choosing to postpone buying homes or starting...

Preparing for College Costs is a Conversation - Thumbs Up Graphic

College Savings 101 Interactive Conversation – Press Release

Online interactive guide helps families choose which plan is right for them TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Dec. 5, 2013—The Florida Prepaid College Board has announced the latest addition...


Annual Open Enrollment Begins – Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nov. 1, 2013 – Today, the Florida Prepaid College Board kicks off its annual Open Enrollment period. Through Feb. 28, 2014, parents can purchase...


Florida Prepaid Celebrates 25 Years of College Savings

Joined by founder Stanley G. Tate, as well as appreciative families eager to share their success stories, the Florida Prepaid College Board celebrated 25 years of success on Sept. 24, 2013.


Make The Most of Your Prepaid Plan

Signing up for a Florida Prepaid College Plan is the first step toward being financially prepared for your child’s future education. But how can you choose the right plan and make the right choices?


What Goes Up May Not Come Down—College Costs Up 538%

We all get sticker shock when we go to the pump to fill up, but college costs have shockingly risen over twice as much as gasoline over the last 28 years. With costs expected to keep rising, the time to plan is now.

Bill with ribbon

8 High-Paying Jobs Available With an Associate’s Degree

For students seeking the higher earnings that come with a college degree, four years at a university may not be necessary. There are great jobs out there that only require a two-year degree.


You can’t afford NOT to invest in a college education

At a time when college costs continue to rise, it’s normal to question whether the cost of higher education is worth it. The truth is, while it may be more expensive, it’s never been move valuable than it is right now.

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