Cost Of Waiting

The longer you wait, the larger the amount of money required—whether annually, monthly or in a lump sum—to reach your college savings goal.

The more you save, and the longer you save for, increases your opportunity for potential earnings. Not only does your initial investment continue to earn returns (provided your investments are successful), but also the returns earn returns.

If you delay starting a savings program, you miss out on the momentum created by the compounding of these returns over time.

Potential Earnings Chart Over Time

Estimated potential account value based on a $2,500 initial investment and 5% interest earned (with no fees applied) for different monthly contribution amounts and investment terms.

5 years 10 years 15 years 18 years
$100 $10,009 $19,646 $32,013 $41,058
$250 $20,210 $42,938 $72,106 $93,438
$500 $37,211 $81,759 $138,929 $180,739

Chart is provided for reference purposes only and does not reflect actual returns of the Florida 529 Savings Plan.

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