University Dormitory Plan

Dormitory PlanPurchasing a Florida Prepaid College Plan is a great way to cover Tuition and most fees, but what about housing costs? That’s where the University Dormitory Plan comes in. If you purchase a 2 + 2 Florida Plan, 1-Year Florida University Plan or 4-Year Florida University Plan, the University Dormitory Plan is available for up to two years (with a 2 + 2 Florida Plan), one year (with a 1-Year Florida University Plan) or up to four years (with a 4- Year Florida University Plan). And just like with other Prepaid Plans, you have the option to pay in a lump sum, over a 55-month term, or monthly until the child enters college.


What’s Included

The University Dormitory Plan is available in 1-year increments and covers the cost of a standard, double-occupancy dormitory room at any of Florida’s 12 State Universities. Dormitory options and availability vary from school to school, and the plan does not guarantee placement in a dormitory room. The amount covered by this plan can also be used at some fraternity or sorority houses (if those houses are overseen by the State University) or dormitory housing costs at other colleges nationwide.

Important Notes

The University Dormitory Plan is only available with the purchase of a 2 + 2 Florida Plan, 1-Year Florida University Plan or 4-Year Florida University Plan; it cannot be purchased separately. You can add the University Dormitory Plan to your Florida Prepaid College Plan during Open Enrollment, happening now through February 28.


The University Dormitory Plan is designed to be used at a State University, but the amount covered by this plan can also be applied for dormitory housing costs nationwide. Also, other important flexibility considerations include:

  • If the child uses a scholarship to cover dormitory housing costs, the amount covered by the University Dormitory Plan, not just what you paid in, can be refunded or used to pay for dormitory housing costs not covered by the scholarship.
  • If the child applies on time for, but is not assigned, a dormitory room, the amount covered by the University Dormitory Plan, not just what you paid in, can be refunded.
  • The child has 10 years from the projected enrollment year selected on the application to use his/her University Dormitory Plan.

Who is eligible to purchase a University Dormitory Plan?

Students enrolled in the 2 + 2 Florida Plan are eligible to purchase up to two years of the University Dormitory Plan, students enrolled in the 1-Year Florida University Plan are eligible to purchase one year per 1-Year Florida University Plan, and students enrolled in the 4-Year Florida University Plan may purchase up to four years.

These students must be in the 11th grade or below when the University Dormitory Plan is purchased.

What dormitories are covered?

The following are the dormitories currently allocated for prepaid students. This list is subject to change without notice. The student is responsible for any additional costs associated with a non-standard, double-occupancy, air-conditioned dormitory offered in these residencies.

Florida A & M University – Cropper Hall, Diamond Hall, Gibbs Hall, McGuinn Hall, Paddyfoote Complex, Palmetto Phase III, Palmetto Street North, Palmetto Street South , Sampson Hall, Truth Hall, Wheatley Hall, Young Hall

Florida Atlantic University – Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers

Florida Gulf Coast University – North Lake Village

Florida International University – Fiji House, Panther Hall, Pike House, University Park Apartments

Florida State University – Deviney Hall, Dorman Hall, Kellum Hall

New College of Florida – Bates Hall, Michalson Hall, Rothenberg Hall

University of Central Florida -Brevard Hall, Citrus Hall, Flagler Hall, Hercules Community Buildings 108/109/110, Lake Hall, Nike Community Buildings 101/102/103, Orange Hall, Osceola Hall, Polk Hall, Seminole Hall, Sumter Hall, Volusia Hall

University of Florida – Broward Hall, East Hall, Graham Hall, Jennings Hall, Mallory Hall, North Hall, Rawlings Hall, Reid Hall, Riker Hall, Simpson Hall, Tolbert Hall, Trusler Hall, Yulee Hall

University of North Florida – Osprey Cove, Osprey Crossings, Osprey Fountains, Osprey Hall, Osprey Landing, Osprey Village

University of South Florida – Beta Hall, Castor Hall, Cypress Hall, Delta Hall, Epsilon Hall, Eta Hall, Iota Hall, Juniper-Polar Hall, Kappa Hall, Kosove Apartments, Lambda Hall, Maple Hall, Mu Hall, Theta Hall, Zeta Hall

University of South Florida St. Petersburg – Residence Hall One, University Student Center

University of West Florida – Argo Hall, Halls 14/15/16/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/35, Heritage Hall, Martin Hall, Pace Hall, Presidents Hall

For more information, contact the housing office at the selected college.

What housing expenses are covered?

The University Dormitory Plan is a Prepaid Plan designed to cover a standard, double-occupancy, air-conditioned dormitory room at a State University. This amount can also be applied to other university-held housing, including some fraternity and sorority housing. The University Dormitory Plan does not cover the cost of any board, e.g. meal plans, associated with the dormitory room.

Does a University Dormitory Plan guarantee the child a dormitory room?

No. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so there is no guarantee that the student will receive a room assignment.

What if the State University does not assign a dormitory room to a child with a University Dormitory Plan?

If the student applies on time for housing but does not get a room assignment, the Account Owner may request an unavailable dormitory refund. This refund is the amount covered by the plan, not just what you paid in.

What if my child does not use the Dormitory Plan?

All payments you’ve made into the plan can be refunded, or the University Dormitory Plan can be transferred to another eligible child/student with a Florida Prepaid College Plan.

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