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Done With One! Kick-Start Your College Savings Journey with a 1-Year University Plan.

Are you ready to take the first step toward securing your child’s future education? Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is here, with low 2024 plan prices. Let’s explore why enrolling in a Florida Prepaid 1-Year University Plan is the perfect way to kick-start your journey to less college debt.

Lock in the Cost of Education, One Year at a Time:
Say goodbye to the uncertainties of rising tuition costs. With Florida Prepaid, you have the unique advantage of locking in the cost of tuition and fees, or even dormitory expenses, in convenient 1-year increments. This flexibility ensures that you are always in control with risk-free coverage so you never lose your investment.

Affordability at its Core:
We understand the financial challenges families face today. That’s why we’re offering the lowest plan prices in 10 years! Our Prepaid Plans now start at just $34/month.

Use Anywhere, Anytime:
While designed with Florida schools in mind, our plans offer versatility that knows no bounds. Whether your child chooses an in-state institution, or decides to explore opportunities outside Florida, the value of your plan can be used nationwide. From public and private universities to trade and technical schools, Florida Prepaid has you covered.

Complements Scholarships and Financial Aid:
Our 1-Year University Plan is designed to complement and enhance existing financial aid and scholarship opportunities. By combining the benefits of Florida Prepaid with other forms of assistance, you create a robust financial foundation for your child’s education.

Act Now – Open Enrollment Ends April 30:
Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in 2024 plan prices for less, starting at just $34/month. Florida Prepaid’s Open Enrollment ends April 30 and happens only once a year. Remember, one year of college saved today is one less year they will have to borrow later.

Taking the first step toward saving for your child’s future education can be overwhelming. But with Florida Prepaid’s 1-Year University Plan, you can be “Done with One” and start on the path to financial security for your child. Both affordable and flexible, our plans are designed to make your college savings journey as smooth as possible. Find your plan today.

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