Open Enrollment ends April 30, 2023. Lock-in 2023 plan pricing today.
Child saving money for college

Fifty reasons to start saving for college TODAY

We are the first ones to remind families that it is always a good time to start saving for your child’s postsecondary education, and that the earlier you save, the more affordable it will be.

The annual Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment window is upon us, February 1 through April 30. That means right now is the BEST time to check college savings off your long parental to-do list.

Prepaid Plan prices start at just $45/month, and we have a reason for you to be among the first families to lock in those prices. The first 10,000 families that open a new Florida 529 Prepaid Plan or add to their child’s existing tuition coverage this month (February 1-28, 2023) will get a $50 Amazon gift card! The following plans qualify:

  • 4-Year Florida University Plan
  • 1-Year Florida University Plan
  • 2+2 Florida Plan
  • 4-Year Florida College Plan
  • 2-Year Florida College Plan

Postsecondary education costs add up fast, and as families face inflation and other economic challenges, we know it can be easy to keep putting off college savings. The incentive is our way of thanking you for taking such an important step for your child. A student with college savings is 2.5 times more likely to attend college and graduate, and every dollar you save now is a dollar they won’t have to borrow in the future.

The affordable, risk-free 1-Year Florida University Plan is the perfect way to begin your savings journey, starting at just $45/month for a newborn. Buy up to four 1-Year University Plans for the same child as best fits your budget and goals.

Prepaid Plans let you lock in the future tuition costs at today’s Plan prices, and we handle the rest — guaranteed. One of those guarantees? Your payments will never go up. They’re inflation-proof, as well as flexible, adapting to many different scenarios in your child’s postsecondary journey.

So go ahead and check this off your list today. Our pricing calculator can help you find the plan that works with your budget. Online enrollment takes about 15 minutes. And if you enroll by February 28, 2023, that $50 gift card is yours.

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our Prepaid Plans and Savings Plan. And click here to start your savings now!

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