Florida Prepaid Can Make Trade Careers Happen

The world is changing fast these days—right along with your child’s interests, abilities and post-high school opportunities.

Maybe they don’t want to attend a traditional 4-year university. Maybe they want to enter the workforce sooner and start earning their own money. Maybe they want to master a skilled trade and be their own boss. The good news is that whatever path your child takes, Florida Prepaid will support that journey – for your child and the more than 1 million others we have helped save for college already!

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”—Aristotle

And although the workforce in Florida is undergoing major changes, one thing remains certain: skilled trades are in demand! For a young person considering attending a trade school or technical college, the timing couldn’t be better. Consider one of these high-wage, high-growth careers expected to be in demand during over the next five years:


  • Aircraft Mechanic

Top Skills: General maintenance, welding, customer service

Median Florida Salary: $62,000

  • Power Line Worker

Top Skills: Installing transformers, replacing fuses, customer service

Median Florida Salary: $55,000

  • Diesel Engine Specialist

Top Skills: Welding, mechanical repairs, flexibility

Median Florida Salary: $46,000

  • Commercial Diver

Top Skills: Instructional design, conflict management, verbal communication

Median Florida Salary: $44,000

  • HVAC/R Technician

Top Skills: Preventative maintenance, flexibility, customer service

Median Florida Salary: $43,000


Other trade occupations forecasted to have high job openings include truck drivers, carpenters and electricians. The average length of training and education is 6 to 24 months, the average Florida salary is $39,000, and work settings include factors, homes, outdoor sites and repair shops.

And while it’s no surprise that you can use your Savings Plan to pay for a wide range of higher education expenses—tuition, fees, computers, books—as you see fit, you can also use your Prepaid Plan to cover the costs of a trade-school or technical college. If your student does not need the full value of their Prepaid Plan to complete a trade certification, then you can receive a refund on what they don’t use, or you can transfer the Plan to another family member.

A Prepaid Plan provides your child a solid foundation for the future and helps their dreams become a reality.

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