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Our best college savings #parentinghacks

Remember the moment you stepped into your home with your new baby and realized, “Oh no! I have no idea what I’m doing!” If you didn’t experience that new parent panic then, congratulations, and please purchase a coffee for the rest of us. If you did; however, then you’re not alone.

You brought a baby into the world and, along with piles of diapers and sleepless nights, you’re now chock full of hopes and dreams for their future. And while we don’t normally provide tips on feeding your baby or tell you how to get them to sleep through the night, we can help you steer their future in the right direction.

Slow and steady

Your bundle of joy can barely find his thumb, so college is likely the last thing on your mind. Starting slow and with something flexible, like a Florida 529 Savings Plan is a great way to ease into the college savings game. There is no monthly payment or minimum deposits, so you can save as much as you can, when you can — and it’s the perfect place for friends and family to contribute. 

In addition to tuition and fees, tax-advantaged 529 Savings Plans are great for setting aside funds for things like room and board, textbooks, and computer equipment. Plus, 529 Savings Plans can even be used for some K-12 expenses. With a variety of investment options, allowing for simple to advanced savings strategies, you can take a step towards saving for college the same way your babes are figuring out their first steps at home — slowly and steadily.

Break it down

The best way to approach any big task — and, coincidentally, to feeding your little one solid foods for the first time — is to break it down into digestible pieces. We realize that looking at the total cost of college can be overwhelming, which is why we offer the 1-Year University Plan

These plans can be purchased separately and stacked to add coverage as your budget or family contributions allow. And, best of all, you’ll never lose your investment. Florida Prepaid Plans are guaranteed by the state of Florida, so your dollars are safe. And if your child’s college needs change, you can easily transfer to another family member or receive a refund.

Set it and forget it

Perhaps the best #parenthack you didn’t know you needed, Florida Prepaid makes it easy for you to set up automatic monthly payments (one less item on your to-do list), so that you can focus on your squishy babe instead of stressing about the future. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped over a million Florida families save for college. To learn more about whether a Prepaid or Savings Plan may be a better start for you or for answers to frequently asked questions, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one.

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