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Smart, Affordable Path to College: 1-Year Florida University Plan

Starting is Believing. At Florida Prepaid, this is our motto.

It’s hard to imagine that our tiny newborns and squirming toddlers will ever grow big enough to start college, but deep down we know that day will come all too soon. When we start Prepaid Plans for them, we are saying we believe that their futures will include college and that we can save enough to get them there.

But what if buying a 4-Year University Plan right now is more than your family can afford? For young parents just starting out in their careers, it can definitely feel this way. Again, we say: Starting is believing. Our 1-Year University Plan begins at less than $47 a month for a newborn. This flexible plan allows you or other family members to buy one year of university tuition at a time as your budget allows, up to four years. And multiple family members can each purchase a 1-Year University Plan for the same child, effectively sharing the cost of a full university experience.

Did you know that grandparents can chip in and purchase a 1-Year University Plan for your child? Actually, anyone can!

Purchasing a 1-Year Plan is a way of believing in yourself: believing that your family income will rise in the coming years, for example. Maybe a big promotion or new job will give you the opportunity to buy a second year of prepaid tuition, bringing you to the halfway point. And when you already have a 1-Year Plan in the works, you’ll be mindful when other financial opportunities present themselves as well, such as saying goodbye to diaper or day care expenses.

Like raising children to adulthood, saving for four years of college can seem daunting. But just as we parent one day at a time, we save for college one day at a time. Buying one year of college now makes for a solid start — one you can believe in!

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our Prepaid Plans and Savings Plan. And click here to start your savings now!

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