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‘Tis the Season for College Savings Gratitude

There is plenty of research to show that gratitude has the power to increase happiness and lower rates of depression and stress. As the holidays approach, Thanksgiving in particular, the conundrum is often that along with the joys of the season come the stresses: family relationships, longer to-do lists, cooking expectations, busier social calendars, and more.

So, our challenge to families is this: Try to start each day with a gratitude moment. Take 60 seconds to just be thankful for one thing. It can be big or small. Monumental (“We are having another baby!”) or minor (“The puppy did NOT chew on the furniture yesterday!”).

To inspire your gratitude “homework,” we recently asked a few of our blogger ambassadors to share what they’re grateful for:


“As an HBCU college graduate, with parents who made the sacrifice to provide an education for me, I’m thankful for the Florida Prepaid College Plan and Florida 529 Prepaid Savings plan. This has afforded me the same opportunity to provide an education for my son that my parents provided for me! – Jocelyn Henderson, Mom Runs Disney













“The greatest gift I have ever received is my children. While they bring me joy, they also bring me a world of worry. As a parent I am always worried about their future, but thankfully they both have Florida Prepaid College Plans. This is one less thing to worry about. One more thing that brings us joy: securing their educational future. Thank you, Florida Prepaid, for making that possible! – Tracy Shaw, Food Wine Sunshine



“I am thankful for my husband who has empowered and supported me to be the best mom, business owner, sister, daughter and friend. I am thankful for my two kids, Harper and Hudson, who constantly teach me compassion and keep me laughing daily. I’m thankful for my parents and in-laws’ good health and for my sisters, who are my best friends. And lastly, I’m thankful for my education. I was fortunate to have Florida Prepaid to help me attend the University of Florida and since graduation I have had an innate curiosity to learn more, do more, and never stop learning.” – Mackenzie Biehl, Happily Harper



Thank you to these families for sharing their thanks! We are wishing all Florida families a wonderful time of gratitude ahead.

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