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Why Florida Prepaid is the #1 College Savings Partner

Investing in Your Child’s Education: a Decision That Pays Dividends for a Lifetime

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and rising tuition costs, Florida Prepaid has stood the test of time as the #1 college savings partner for Florida families. With a track record spanning 35 years, it has become the largest and most successful Prepaid Program in the nation, fulfilling the aspirations of 1.2 million Florida families and counting.

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Michelle Olsen-Rogers, a proud Florida college graduate, reminisces about the immense relief she experienced when she started her first job with no student loan debt. “One of the best gifts my parents gave me was having no student loan debt when I graduated,” she says. Now, as a mother of a 10-year-old daughter, Michelle has chosen to pay it forward by purchasing a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan for her daughter. “We decided to get her a Prepaid Plan so that she can graduate with a clean slate, no student loan debt herself,” Michelle affirms.

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Tracy Shaw, a mother of two, vividly recalls making the decision to enroll her son in a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan.
“I remember sitting down with my husband, going over the family budget, trying to figure out how we could afford a Prepaid Plan. We did it, and 18 years later, my son is happily at college, and those bills will not lead to debt for him, which is fantastic.”

The stories of Michelle and Tracy highlight the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child’s future is secure, and Florida Prepaid is there every step of the way.

Florida family

Heather Brickell, a mother of two boys, emphasizes the importance of choosing the right college savings plan amidst life’s chaos. “Don’t you wish you could press the pause button on life?” she asks. Heather chose Florida Prepaid for her sons. “They made saving for college easy, affordable, and stress-free,” she adds.

What sets Florida Prepaid apart is not just the security it provides, but also the commitment to being a reliable partner for families. Protected by the State of Florida, your investment is shielded from uncertainties, making it 100% risk-free. The simplicity of the online enrollment process empowers parents to take control of their child’s educational future with ease.

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Taking the first step toward saving for your child’s future education can be overwhelming. But with Florida Prepaid’s 1-Year Florida University Plan, you can be “Done with One” and start on the path to financial security for your child. Both affordable and flexible, our plans are designed to make your college savings journey as smooth as possible. Find your plan today.

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