Optional Life Insurance is Available to Protect Your Florida Prepaid College Plan Investment

Student Insurance Services offers optional life insurance to Florida Prepaid College Plan customers. This life insurance is a dedicated-purpose life insurance policy that was designed just for Florida Prepaid and will pay off the outstanding balance on any covered Prepaid Plan in the event of your death. Student Insurance Services has made this optional life coverage available exclusively to Prepaid Plan participants for more than 20 years. Features include:

When you enroll in a new Prepaid Plan and select a payment option that requires monthly payments, you will be automatically given an opportunity to add optional life insurance coverage after you’ve completed your Prepaid Plan enrollment. If you have already purchased a Prepaid Plan and would like to add the optional life insurance coverage, you may do so by visiting Student Insurance Services website at: prepaidcollegeinsurance.com.


Student Insurance Services (SIS), a division of Affinity Group Underwriters, offers optional life insurance coverage for Florida Prepaid Plan customers. The insurance is underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL), Kansas City, Missouri. FSL, as the underwriting carrier, is obligated to pay the benefits outlined in the optional life insurance contract.   The Florida Prepaid College Board shall not be liable to Florida Prepaid Plan Customers or any other third party for claims or damages of any nature arising from or related to any optional life insurance coverage with SIS, AGU, FSL or any other insurance provider and the Florida Prepaid College Board makes no representations or warranties regarding the insurance products offered by SIS, AGU, FSL or any other insurance provider. The provider’s terms, conditions and policies shall apply.