New Parents

Congratulations! Your little one is smiling, babbling, crawling or walking. You can already see the future engineer as she stacks her blocks or gourmet chef as he covers himself in dinner, again! No matter what their future holds, we can help you prepare.



It's never too late save! Whether your child is in Kindergarten or high school, we have a college savings plan that fits.
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Family & Friends

You can help the special little (or big) kids in your life be prepared for the future too.
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Not sure how to use your Prepaid Plan or what's covered? Don’t worry, we have all the answers.
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Save For Tomorrow's College Costs Today with a 529 Plan

The Florida 529 Savings Plan is a flexible, powerful way to save for future college costs like tuition, books, housing and more. Start one today, and be prepared for tomorrow.

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In The Know
  • PRESS RELEASE: Florida Prepaid College Foundation Bolsters College Savings for 10 Florida Students
    The Florida Prepaid College Foundation today announces the 10 winners of its 529 Day Sweepstakes, held as part of the Florida Prepaid College Board’s celebration of National 529 College Savings Day. Read More

  • Why You Should Start Saving for College
    You’ll do a lot to make sure your child has everything they could need to be as successful as possible. But, have you considered the effect of college savings?... Read More

  • New Law Significantly Lowers the Cost of Florida Prepaid College Plans
    This week, Governor Rick Scott signed into law House Bill 851, making saving for a college education with a Florida Prepaid College Plan more affordable. Read More

  • The Hidden Cost of Not Saving
    We know that saving for college now can help you save in the future, but did you know that saving now could also help your child’s academic success? Don’t believe us? Check out the facts… Read More

  • Pay Less for College!
    Relying on future student loans could save you from having to worry about college now, and with so many current students taking out loans it could seem like an easy way to invest in education. But, the truth is... Read More

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