The following table summarizes the investment return for each of the investment options, net of administrative fees, offered under the Florida 529 Savings Plan. For information, log in to your account or call 1-800-552-GRAD (4723).

Enrollment Year Option

Annualized Investment Returns (Net of Fees) as of October 31, 2022
AgeLast MonthLast 3 Months1-Year3-Year5-Year10-YearSince Inception
Enrollment Year 20415.44-7.06-17.384.735.309.037.39
Enrollment Year 20405.44-7.05-17.384.735.309.037.39
Enrollment Year 20395.44-7.06-17.384.735.309.037.39
Enrollment Year 20385.44-7.06-17.384.735.309.037.39
Enrollment Year 20375.42-7.05-17.384.735.309.037.39
Enrollment Year 20364.89-7.19-17.384.254.787.466.68
Enrollment Year 20354.43-7.19-17.163.804.527.326.62
Enrollment Year 20343.93-7.25-
Enrollment Year 20333.48-7.32-17.102.593.796.956.43
Enrollment Year 20323.03-7.39-
Enrollment Year 20312.54-7.50-17.131.432.915.135.44
Enrollment Year 20302.07-7.55-17.070.862.574.965.36
Enrollment Year 20291.62-7.56-16.930.272.214.775.26
Enrollment Year 20281.14-7.63-16.94-0.321.593.044.21
Enrollment Year 20270.80-7.49-16.35-0.751.322.904.15
Enrollment Year 20260.38-7.33-15.64-
Enrollment Year 20250.05-7.00-14.88-1.290.701.203.03
Enrollment Year 2024-0.15-6.61-14.07-1.470.581.143.00
Enrollment Year 2023-0.07-6.22-13.28-1.190.741.223.04

Static Options

Annualized Investment Returns (Net of Fees) as of October 31, 2022
PortfolioLast MonthLast 3 Months1-Year3-Year5-Year10-YearSince Inception
Multi-Manager Growth Portfolio6.08-6.40-16.734.965.439.107.43
Multi-Manager Blended Portfolio3.46-6.95-16.662.213.385.395.60
Multi-Manager Income Portfolio-0.34-6.40-14.35-2.56N/AN/A-2.43
Passive Growth Portfolio5.51-7.61-19.724.12N/AN/A4.83
Passive Blended Portfolio2.88-7.71-17.861.52N/AN/A2.05
Passive Income Portfolio-0.58-7.14-14.57-3.01N/AN/A-2.76

Individual Fund Options

Annualized Investment Returns (Net of Fees) as of October 31, 2022
FundLast MonthLast 3 Months1-Year3-Year5-Year10-YearSince Inception
Money Market Fund0.240.671.080.751.350.891.30
Core Plus Fixed Income Fund-1.46-8.36-17.52-3.85-0.830.432.63
Core Fixed Income Fund-1.38-8.06-15.65N/AN/AN/A-9.63
High Yield Fund2.57-4.33-10.19N/AN/AN/A-4.24
Emerging Markets Bond Index Fund0.28-7.33-22.59N/AN/AN/A-13.88
Bank Loans Fund0.95-0.51-3.67N/AN/AN/A0.03
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Index Fund1.05-3.30-2.56N/AN/AN/A1.14
U.S. Broad All Cap Index Fund8.03-5.58-16.899.619.82N/A11.10
U.S. Large Cap Equity Index Fund8.01-5.81-14.50N/AN/AN/A3.16
Small/Mid Cap Equity Index Fund8.33-4.16-26.96N/AN/AN/A-8.37
Developed International Equity Fund6.23-7.99-20.75-2.21-2.05N/A2.49
Total International Index Fund3.36-10.68-24.48N/AN/AN/A-9.99
Global Equity Fund7.90-5.86-15.08N/AN/AN/A1.00
Social Index6.73-7.90-20.85N/AN/AN/A-1.48
Real Estate Index Fund3.39-15.34-21.58N/AN/AN/A1.89

The investment returns for the Investment Options are provided as general information only and are not intended to provide investment or other advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The Program cannot and will not provide legal, financial or tax advice, and nothing herein or in any other written materials shall be construed as such. Read more

The administrative fees are available in the Program Description and Participation Agreement found on our website.

The investment return shown for each Investment Option reflects the returns for the portfolio(s) comprising the investment option. For Investment Options that consist of multiple portfolios, the Board may change the allocations. When such changes occur, historical performance will be based on the allocations as of the date of the change. Performance for periods after the change will be based on the updated allocations.

The investment return shown for the Enrollment Year Portfolio, Multi-Manager Growth Portfolio, Multi-Manager Blended Portfolio, Core Plus Fixed Income Fund, U.S. Broad All Cap Index Fund, Small/Mid Cap Equity Index Fund, and Developed International Equity Fund reflects the historical composite return that was available to participants in the Florida 529 Savings Plan.

Please see the Disclosure Statement and Program Description & Participation Agreement for the Florida 529 Savings Plan.

The assets of the Florida 529 Savings Plan are invested in accordance with the guidelines.

Investment returns shown in the table above were calculated by Aon, the Board’s investment consultant, by computing the percentage change in the trust unit value of each Investment Option. The unit values were provided to Aon for computing the investment returns.