Our goal is to make saving for college achievable for all Florida families.

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For 30 years, our 529 Prepaid Plan program has been the largest, most successful in the nation.
Here’s why:


Guaranteed by the State of Florida; never lose your investment


Lock in the cost of tuition & fees with fixed payment options


We take the responsibility of investing and managing the ups and downs of the market for you

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Our medal-winning 529 Savings Plan is also ranked as one of the top 10 best performing plans.
Here’s why:


Save what you want, when you want, as your budget allows


Covers all educational expenses (tuition, fees, dorm, books, etc.)


You have 22 investment options to build and manage your own portfolio

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Financial experts agree, 529 plans are the smartest way to save for college.

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Use in-state or nationwide

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Variety of school choices: university, trade, technical, etc.

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Complements scholarships and financial aid

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Tax-free growth

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Gift contributions accepted

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Transfer to another child or cancel anytime

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Basics of 529 Plans

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The Power of a Prepaid Plan

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Whether you’re currently saving or just getting started on your college savings journey, we offer two of the best 529 plans for Florida families.

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