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Investment Options

The Florida 529 Savings Plan offers 11 different investment options to help grow your college education savings: from aggressive to conservative, from age-based to customized, or any combination. It all depends on your comfort with risk, your level of investment expertise, your desired involvement and your established goals. Consulting a financial planner or tax advisor is always recommended before investing.

Investment Portfolio Options

We offer three diversified, pre-designed portfolios with underlying investment allocations options. The Age Based/Years to Enrollment Portfolio adjusts the investment mix according to the student’s age and years to enrollment. The investment mix is more aggressive when the student is younger. As the anticipated college enrollment date gets closer, the investment mix becomes more conservative. The Blended Equity Portfolio and Balanced Portfolio both offer allocations that do not change, with different strategies to help you save based on your goals.


Investment Fund Options

We offer eight fund options that include money market, bond and stock choices for your account. Depending on your goals and preferences, you may choose to invest in one or more of the following funds.



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