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Welcome back. There’s a lot to understand about your account – adding plans, using your benefits and more. Click below to read up on what your college savings plan can do for you or log-in to your account for specific information.

Using Your Benefits

You may use the value of your Florida 529 Savings Plan and all five Prepaid Plans at any approved educational institution nationwide. You get the most out of your Prepaid Plan when you use it at the Florida College or State University it was designed for.

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While Florida Prepaid Plans can be used at private and public schools both inside and outside of Florida, it’s our in-state public institutions for which they were designed. Luckily, Florida is bursting with great accredited educational institutions where you can use the benefits.

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All About Fees

The cost of college is more than just Tuition! All About Fees will walk you through what fees colleges charge, and, more importantly, what fees your plan covers.

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