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Florida Prepaid College and 529 Savings Plans

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College savings with tax advantages

Over the last 30 years, Florida Prepaid has helped more than one million families save for college.

We offer two types of 529 plans that allow you to prepare for college — Prepaid and Savings. Choose one or both.


Prepaid Plans

Purchase a guaranteed plan with fixed payment options to lock in future college costs for less.

Savings Plan

Invest for tomorrow’s education expenses, contributing what you can, when you can.

Guaranteed by the State of Florida
Age requirement (newborn – 11th grade)
Tax-free growth
Florida residency required for purchase
Use plan value nationwide
Gift contributions accepted
Transfer or cancel at any time
Use with scholarships
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Nikki Kimbleton, WJXT Anchor

We wanted to make sure that our son got a great education, and Florida Prepaid was our answer. I feel so much better knowing that when the time comes for him to go to college, he won’t have to worry about student loans or come up with the money in other ways. This was one of the easiest choices we’ve ever made!

  • Nikki Kimbleton, WJXT Anchor
  • 4-Year Florida University Plan
  • Jacksonville

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