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Avoid Gadget Overload: Mindful Electronic Gifts for Kids

For busy parents whose kids are making holiday gift lists heavy on the latest cell phones, gaming systems and tablets, it’s getting more and more difficult to find gifts that will please kids without overloading them on screen time.

Research has linked excessive entertainment-based screen time for adolescents to health issues including obesity, developmental delays, sleep disturbances, even depression.

So we put together a list of five tech gifts and gadgets that will keep their hearts happy and their minds working:

  • KidiGo® NexTag™. This cool gadget allows families to play 20 different backyard games, including freeze tag, capture the flag, hide-and-seek and more easily with the help of a little technology. With no internet needed to play, your little ones can enjoy interacting with electronics while still getting in their recommended daily 30 minutes of physical exercise. This game is intended for ages 5+ years, but promises fun for both children and parents!
  • Wonder Workshop Dash. This toy, designed to teach children coding concepts, was the Creative Child Kid’s Product of the Year & Toy of the Year winner. Your child will love the ability to program Dash to move and make sounds at their command with free apps. Dash offers a tangible and interactive learning experience that is both engaging and educational. Ages 6-11.
  • Kindle Kids. Unlike other Kindle products, Kindle Kids is built just for reading and doesn’t facilitate games, videos or apps. This way, your child can still enjoy the feeling of sitting down with a screen, but enjoy a fun and enriching reading experience instead of scrolling through mindless content. On average, kids read over an hour a day with their Kindle! Equipped with a 2-year warranty, this is a great investment in your child’s education. Ages 3-12.
  • Brain Bolt Genius. Looking to exercise your child’s memory? Brain Bolt Genius is a handheld game equipped with light-up tiles with which players can have hours of fun, with multiple levels of challenge and different game modes. The game is designed to exercise children’s memory and visual scanning skills so they can enjoy the excitement of a new gadget while still learning. Ages 7 and up.

We hope these ideas will help you check off your holiday gifting list with the reassurance that your kids are getting the mental stimulation they need.

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