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The Best Gift? A College Education



No doubt, your children’s or grandchildren’s list of things they want from Santa this holiday season is ambitious: dolls, remote control cars, headphones, tablets, this gadget, that “but everyone is getting one!” item.

But the one thing they probably aren’t asking for, is the gift that could potentially benefit them the most: a college education. The gift of college savings lasts a lifetime in terms of its impact on a person’s career, earnings and overall quality of life.

One recent survey found parents would welcome a gift toward college savings instead of a traditional present.

So as you think about the perfect gift for your child, grandchild, nephew or other loved one, consider the start of a college savings account. Our Open Enrollment period runs through Feb. 28, 2017, and the starting cost for our 5 Plans ranges from $47 to $187 a month. It’s a worthy investment, guaranteed by the state of Florida. And no batteries required!

So wrap up a contribution to a Florida 529 Savings Plan or a Florida Prepaid Plan, and contribute to a lifetime of learning.

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