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The College Path in Florida: Affordable, Accessible!

It used to be that if a high school graduate planned to get a 4-year degree, their first choice was to enroll in one of Florida’s 12 State Universities. But now that the 28 State Colleges offer over 170 bachelor degree programs, as well as associate degrees, more students are starting – and even completing  – their post-secondary education in a state college.

In fact, two out of three high school graduates in Florida choose to start college at a Florida College System (FCS) institution, according to the latest FCS data.

This represents over 62,000 high school graduates entering the Florida College System in 2014-15. And more than half of Florida University students started their postsecondary education at one of Florida’s 28 State Colleges.

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What a smart choice! It makes economic and academic sense. The colleges now offer 4-year degrees in high-demand fields like nursing, education and information technology. And because so many are offering those degrees at a price tag of $10,000 or less, the colleges are an affordable option for families that might not be able to afford the more expensive university route.

Three of our five Prepaid Plans are College-based: the 2-Year Florida College Plan, the 4-Year Florida College Plan, and the 2+2 Florida Plan (offering a combination plan for 2 years of State College and 2 years of State University). During the 2016-17 Open Enrollment period, the starting cost ranges from $54 to $148.

So what are the benefits of College-based Plans? A few to consider:

  • State colleges are often close to home for students, allowing them to save money on housing by living at home.
  • Florida’s 2+2 system guarantees that a student earning an associate degree from a Florida College is guaranteed admission to a State University in Florida.
  • The degrees yield results. Approximately 87 percent of 2013-14 (FCS) graduates were found employed and/or continuing their education in Florida after graduation.

There are about 800,000 students enrolled in the 28 State Colleges, and in 2014-15, the colleges awarded nearly 6,800 bachelor degrees and 56,000 associate degrees, according to the FCS.

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