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Customer 101: Quick Tips for Using Your Plan Benefits

Congratulations to all recent high school graduates!  Are you now ready to attend college and use your Prepaid Plan and/or Savings Plan?  The good news is that this is the easiest part of the whole process, and here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Using Your Prepaid Plan:

  1. Create your online account today to get started.

Account Owners and students can each create an online account to access benefit usage details and receive important information regarding your Prepaid Plan throughout the year. Select the red button to register for online access.

  1. Relax! If you are attending a Florida College or State University, then your work here is done.

A Prepaid Plan may be used at any of Florida’s 12 State Universities, 28 Florida Colleges, or technical schools. A college plan can be used at a university, and a university plan can be used at a college – we just pro-rate the value in each situation. In-state public institutions bill us directly each semester for tuition and fees covered by your Plan, so you should not have to take any action at this time to use your Plan at a Florida College or State University.

  1. Heading to an out-of-state or private school this fall? Super – just log in to your online account and complete a Transfer Authorization form – then you are all set.

Prepaid Plan benefits can be used at any eligible private or out-of-state institution. The amount paid will be based on the Plan type. The Plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida.

Beneficiaries planning to attend a private or out-of-state institution must submit a Transfer Authorization before benefits are paid. Complete a Transfer Authorization online by logging into your account and navigating to the desired Prepaid Plan. Select See Usage and complete the authorization form. When Florida school rates are available, Florida Prepaid will know the benefit amount that can be paid per credit hour from your Plan to the school of your choice.

Using Your Savings Plan:

Savings Plan funds can be used at any qualified educational institution nationwide, public or private. You have the option of requesting that the Plan pay the school directly or you can request a withdrawal directly to the account owner – just log in to your online account. Tax tip: Keep receipts for all college expenses that you will pay for from your Florida 529 Savings Plan.

We hope this information is helpful. We know college is a big step with lots of checklists and big decisions along the way. We appreciate being part of your savings and education journey!

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our Prepaid Plans and Savings Plan. And click here to start your savings now!

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