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Florida moms talk money-related life hacks

Teaching kids about money isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a lot of little conversations, which means sometimes we just have time to hit the high points. In that spirit, we asked some of our favorite mommy bloggers — each of whom is a big supporter of Florida Prepaid — for their top money-and-parenting tips. Here’s what they said:

Start when they’re little

“My girls are only four years old, so they don’t completely understand saving for the future. However, we are working on teaching them that importance by having them save up their birthday money towards a family trip to Disney! They are always so excited to count the money in their piggy bank!” – Jessica Segarra, 

The piggy bank really works! Get each of your children one, and let them feel the pride that comes with watching it fill up. They’ll learn not only from personal saving and spending but also by watching their siblings make their own choices.

Turn life’s mundane moments into mini life lessons. When you’re out shopping, hold up an item and cheerfully ask them to guess what it costs. When you check out books from the library, show them the price on the back and explain that you’re saving money by borrowing books instead of buying.

Start when they’re older

“Now that they are older (teen and tween), they each have chores and earn allowances.  Now, of course, once they get any money they want to spend it on the latest tech gadget or deconstructed jeans (because now we pay for jeans with tons of holes in them?!). But, we take the time to explain that one day they may want something bigger, like a car or an apartment or they may need that money for college. Saving money isn’t easy; it takes time, dedication and work! And sometimes those jeans or tech toy just aren’t worth it in the long run.” – Tracy Shaw, 

As your kids get older, teach them the correlation between work and money. As they begin to earn, it may come in the form of cash, which is especially easy to spend. Show them tools to track their income and teach beginner budgeting.

You’re probably already encouraging them to make good grades. Now it’s time to think about making prudent college-related decisions. It can make great financial sense to start at a community college, choose a major that has a good track record for paying well after graduation, and always avoid piling on student loan debt.

Of graduates from public colleges, 66 percent had student loans (average debt of $25,550) in 2018. –

Start today

“The most valuable financial advice I can give new parents is to START SAVING FOR COLLEGE TODAY. Skip one dinner out each month and put that $50 or more towards your kids’ education instead. Trust me, it won’t be fun when you have to start saving double or even triple that amount each month when your children get older.” – Michelle E. Olson-Rogers,

If you haven’t started saving for college, the time to begin is today. If you need to start small, a 1-Year Florida College Plan is a great way to go.  Or, consider a Florida 529 Savings Plan – and set up automatic monthly contributions in the amount that fits your budget. Simply having one open will make it easier to contribute in the months and years to come. And you can invite friends and family members to contribute as well!

So start a college plan today, and celebrate the moment with your child! It’s a great way to send the message that you believe your child has a bright future — and you just put your money where your mouth is.

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions  to learn more about our Prepaid Plans and Savings Plan. And click here to start your savings now!

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