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Gift Ideas that Teachers Love

With another school year drawing to a close, it’s time to think about the best way to thank the teachers. These high-impact human beings work tirelessly for our children, inspiring them and awakening curiosity, while sharing their passion for learning.

Gift cards take away some of the anxiety of finding the perfect gift, and they provide flexibility and versatility to the teacher.

We created a list of gift ideas to kick off your own thank-you endeavors, with a reminder not to forget the special area teachers, bus drivers, and other important grown-ups who have made an impact.

And start early: The last days of school are often hectic — and will be here before you know it!

  • The hand-written thank you note. This is a perennial favorite and often a treasured keepsake. Have your child write from the heart; if they need a prompt, have them write about a favorite memory, moment or project they will never forget, or what makes them different from other teachers they have had. If your child is too young to write a note, consider a drawing or small art project.
  • Gift cards to a big retailer. Think Target, Costco, Amazon. They may seem impersonal, but they are versatile. If three students give mugs, that’s a lot of clutter in the kitchen. If three students give gift cards, that’s three little treats of the teacher’s choosing (or maybe one big one). Consider pitching in with other parents to stretch your impact. Also consider keeping the gift card free of any personalized markings so that the teacher can re-gift it if preferred.
  • Gift certificates for a family activity. Teachers take a lot of personal time to grade papers and plan curriculum. Find out what their favorite family restaurant is, or consider sending them bowling or to the movies. Make it easier for teachers to recharge with their own children this summer before they head back to the classroom next fall.
  • School supplies. Teachers spend a lot of personal money on classroom needs. Find out what would make them happy: books for the classroom, dry erase markers, maybe an electric three-hole punch.

There are plenty of cute and clever ways to spruce up any of these gifts; just know that the important thing is that they come from the heart. Let the summer countdown begin!

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