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Got a minute? Then you’ve got time to start saving for college. Just watch!

You’re busy. Kids, school, work, their afterschool activities, your deadlines, their homework. We get it.

And with so much going on, we know it can seem overwhelming to sit down and figure out where to begin the process of saving for college. That’s why we put together a quick little video that shows you how to quickly get through the online enrollment process for our college savings plans. In about one minute, we walk you through all the screens you will see and the information you will need to enter to purchase a plan – including our six Prepaid Plans that are available during the annual Open Enrollment period that runs through the end of February. Pretty cool, right?

During the 2016-17 Open Enrollment period, the starting cost for our prepaid tuition plans ranges from $47 to $187.

Watch this short video. It might be the most valuable minute you spend, because if you can open the door to college savings for your child – then you are opening the door to a lifetime of education and career opportunities for them.

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