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Resolve to save for college this New Year!

The New Year is upon us, and it’s a natural time to reflect and reset. With the changing of the calendar, we pause to marvel at how quickly another year has come and gone — and nothing seems to make time move faster than having children!

Guess what? The years are going to keep rolling by. Our parents, our friends with older children, they all tell us: Blink, and those babies will be grown. When we are stuck in the daily drudgery of diapers and Hot Wheels underfoot, the days can feel endless. But during the New Year — when we take that pause — we see a glimpse of how quickly it really is all going.

Here at Florida Prepaid, we’ve spent almost 30 years reminding parents that college is just around the corner. Trust us when we say there is never a better time to start saving for college than right now. As you’re considering things you’d like to do better in 2018, we encourage you to resolve to learn more about saving for college and actually start that college plan!

The sad reality is that New Year’s resolutions don’t come with a magic wand. No one can put in an hour on the treadmill in your stead, and no one is going to pay off credit card debt for you.  New Year’s resolutions require sacrifice, discipline and consistency. Saving for college is no different.

While 86 percent of families say they expect their child to go to college, just 4 in 10 put together a plan to pay for it. — Sallie Mae

The good news is, resolving to save for college can be easier and more successful than just about any other resolution! With an exercise routine, you might resolve to get fit in January and fizzle out by April. But let’s say you enroll with automatic deductions for a Florida Prepaid Plan. An initial adjustment to your monthly budget will quickly transform into a “set it and forget it” habit – one that can be life changing!

So take our advice and open a college savings account today. This time next year, you’ll pause … and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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