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Simplified College Savings: Three moms share their Prepaid journey

We think Florida Prepaid is hands down the best way for you to save for college, but you don’t have to take our word for it — not when so many customers have such wonderful things to say.

“If you are on the fence, do not be!” writes Brianna, who recently bought a Prepaid Plan for her 5-year old. “I promise the pros are there and it’s very hard to find a con! I do wish I started sooner, but I can say I am glad I did now! If you have questions, reach out; they have the answers. I have a peace of mind now for sure.”

Brianna Watson, Christie Cronan and Cristy Clavijo-Kish are all such Prepaid superfans that we invited them to serve as Prepaid ambassadors and write down what drove them to purchase Plans. They often tell their audiences why Florida Prepaid was the right choice for their family — and why it could be the right choice for yours.

For Christie Cronan, Prepaid Plans simplified the daunting task of saving for college while offering peace of mind.

“I’m not savvy when it comes to financial investments (retirement, what?!), so I love how Florida Prepaid takes the guessing and confusion out of investing for college,” she wrote. “With rising costs everywhere (hello, gas prices) and unexpected life twists (hello, pandemic), there’s something comforting about knowing that our kids’ futures are safe and secure.”

As a mom of twins now in college, Cristy Clavijo-Kish is on the tail end of the Prepaid journey. For years, she told the story about how she planned to potty train her daughters early so they could use those funds more strategically — and she succeeded, buying Prepaid Plans when they were 2. That choice helped create an understanding within her family that her daughters would be college-bound.

“Just knowing we had made the choice to save for college allowed us to express our vision for them to pursue their education,” she said. “We were all vested in their future: the girls as students who had to achieve the opportunity to attend college, and we as parents for providing the opportunity.”

Cristy said she knows it can feel daunting to start saving for college, in particular if you have multiple children. But, she said, “as the line goes, ‘Just do it.’ ”

“As adults we spend money on all sorts of ‘extras’ that we often don’t need. Analyze your budget and find a way to start somehow. Perhaps it’s one or two years at a time, but a small college fund is better than zero,” she wrote. “It’s a special legacy and vision that is easier to achieve than we often think. If for any reason they don’t use the funds, you will have saved money anyway that can be used in the future. The risk is so low that it’s worth the investment. You’ll thank your younger self later on!”

“What I love most is the flexibility of the plans. There is literally something for everyone.” — Brianna

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our Prepaid Plans and Savings Plan. And click here to start your savings now!


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