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How do college expenses get paid?

Florida Prepaid Plan students who are scheduled to start college for the first time will receive a First Time In College notification in the spring of their college enrollment year. This notification will provide basic information about how to use plan benefits and explain what to expect during the college enrollment process. Payments to a Florida College or State University are automatic. The school will bill Florida Prepaid directly each semester for the tuition and fees covered by your plan. Payment is issued by Florida Prepaid directly to the school. Students planning to attend a private or out-of-state institution must complete a Transfer Authorization request before plan benefits will be paid. The Transfer Authorization includes additional details about how these schools are paid. Log in to your account at to complete a Transfer Authorization. Please note that some institutions may request information about your Prepaid Plan or request a Student Identification (ID) Card when you register and pay for classes. Account information and Student ID Cards are available for print within your online account.

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