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What if the school the Beneficiary wants to attend does not match the type of Florida Prepaid Plan purchased?

Another great feature of a Florida Prepaid Plan is that the value of the plan purchased may be applied toward the costs at any Eligible Educational Institution. At state institutions in Florida, we will convert college hours to university hours and vice versa to ensure that you get maximum value for your plan. As an example, benefits available under a 2-Year Florida College Plan or a 4-Year Florida College Plan can be paid to a State University. Similarly, benefits available for a 4-Year Florida University Plan or a 1-Year Florida University Plan can be paid to a Florida College. Please keep in mind, in the first example above, Florida College Plan benefits paid to a State University will deplete the plan at a faster rate because the cost per credit hour at a State University is generally higher than the cost of a credit hour at a Florida College. The student will be responsible for any difference not covered by their plan.

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