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Florida Prepaid College Plans: A Gem for Sunshine State Families

When people run down the list of what makes Florida such a great place to live, it usually includes treasures like our beaches, the warm weather, and the absence of a state income tax. But Floridians also can count Florida Prepaid College Plans among the “gems” that are unique to Florida – enjoyed exclusively by families who call the Sunshine State home.

Florida Prepaid is the largest and longest-running prepaid college program in the nation and has long been a model to other states that have such programs. More than 1 million Florida families have taken advantage of Florida Prepaid since its founding in 1987, saving early for college with affordable, flexible plans that work for a multitude of postsecondary journeys, beyond traditional colleges and universities.

When the program was founded, early champions saw it as a vehicle to make college savings affordable for all Floridians. We now also know that it can encourage young talent to stay in Florida for college and career.

No one could have predicted 30 years ago what our world would look like today amid the continued uncertainties of the pandemic. But today more than ever, our Prepaid Plans offer the certainty that families seek.

Plan enrollments are telling. In 2020, as COVID-19 upended life for so many, we saw Florida families purchase more than 50,000 Prepaid Plans. Every single one of those plans represents a family’s message of certainty and hope to a child: No matter how things look now, the future is bright. We believe in it, and we believe in you.

With a Prepaid Plan, families don’t have to worry about the ups and downs of the stock market or wonder if they’re saving enough for tuition. That’s on us to manage. As a parent, you get peace of mind – and the pride of knowing what an important investment you are making in your child’s future. By investing in children’s college education now, families are planting the seeds for tomorrow’s engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses and teachers and more.

Our 2021 Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment window continues through April 30 and is the only time this year that families can lock in prices for a Prepaid Plan. Prices start at $45/month for a newborn, and the State of Florida guarantees all Prepaid Plans.

So plant the seed for their college education and all the doors it can open. Lock in your child’s Prepaid Plan today, and we will manage the rest.


John D. Rood is Chairman of the Florida Prepaid College Board.


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