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Oh, Baby!

We know college is the last thing on your mind—from 2 a.m. feedings to diaper explosions, you have your hands full. We also know a lot about saving for college. We’ve helped more than a million Florida families save. Parents with a dedicated plan to save for college end up saving more than twice the amount of those who don’t. Let us help you.

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We've helped more than a million Florida families save.

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Florida Prepaid College Plans allow you to prepay the cost of tuition and most fees for public Florida Colleges and Universities, locking in tomorrow’s tuition rates for less. Starting at just $45/month, Plans are 100% guaranteed by the state, so you’ll never lose your investment.

Starting early is easy

Getting family and friends involved from the beginning is a great way meet your savings goals. You can ask others (hint: Grandma and Grandpa!) to chip in for birthdays, graduations and other special occasions.

The places they'll go

In-state or across the country? Public or private? You may not know where, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning. The value of your plan can be applied almost anywhere they want to go.

Saving is always a good idea

The future is full of unknowns. Maybe your child will earn scholarships or decide to travel before college. Maybe they’ll pursue culinary arts, cosmetology or welding. Knowing your child has a dedicated college savings plan – that’s priceless.

Education means earning power

You will always want the best for your babies, even when they're all grown up. Saving for college means setting them up for success—whatever that looks like for them.

2 and a half times more likely

Studies show that children with dedicated college savings are 2.5 times more likely to graduate from college.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

2 and a half times more likely

By 2020, 65 percent of jobs in the nation will require postsecondary education.

Source: Recovery: Projections of jobs and education requirements through 20202

2 and a half times more likely

In 2017 the average median salary for a college grad was almost twice ($61,828) that of a high school grad ($37,336).

Source: Korn Ferry

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