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2 and a half times more likely Oh, Baby!

We know college is the last thing on your mind—from 2 a.m. feedings to diaper explosions, you have your hands full. That is why Florida Prepaid strives to make your college savings experience simple. We’ve helped more than one million families, just like yours, save for higher education.

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College Savings 101

2 and a half times more likely

529 Plans are the #1 way to save for college—specifically built to save for higher education, earnings are tax-free, and can be used at colleges and universities, as well as trade and technical schools.

2 and a half times more likely

Student borrowers pay an average of $1,898 in interest each year and spend roughly 20 years paying off their loans.

Source: “Average Cost of College & Tuition,”, August 2022

DID YOU KNOW? 81% of parents agree that the value of a
college education is worth the cost.
Source: Fidelity College Savings Indicator, 2022

Florida Prepaid Makes Saving for College Simple

We offer two 529 College Savings Plans—choose one or combine both—to create the perfect college savings strategy that fits your budget.
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