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Why Parents Love Prepaid

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There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift for your special student than the gift of college savings! We’re not the only ones who think so! For 25 years the Florida Prepaid College Program has helped families in Florida save for their higher education expenses. Here are some stories from Florida Prepaid parents and students sharing why they love Florida Prepaid College Plans:



“People don’t know where these kinds of foundations you lay for your children may lead. We are just so grateful for the Florida Prepaid program.”
–Susan Grieve of St. Cloud, mother of college graduate
“I definitely could not have gotten through college without the prepaid program. I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities and I would be so far in debt.”
–Susanne Grieve, scientific researcher stationed in Antarctica
“My life is truly changed and better because of the prepaid program. I have always sung the praises of the program, and now I am urging others to enroll their young children who are now the second generation of the Florida Prepaid program.”
–Sharon Halverson, Nurse
“As a single parent, it was tough, and I did make sacrifices to make that payment each month, but I knew it was something I had to go. I am so thankful now that I took that step! I know I couldn’t have afforded NOT to do it!”
-Lory Cooper, Boca Raton


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