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You can’t afford NOT to invest in a college education

Whether you choose to call it a recession, depression or just a period of economic malaise, the struggles of America’s economy over the past few years have led many to wonder if college is really worth it anymore. After all, there are seemingly countless cases profiled on the news of individuals with Bachelor’s Degrees, and sometimes even advanced degrees, who are out of work or painfully under-employed.

Once you get past the drama that these cases showcase quite powerfully, the data remains the same—having a college degree is a powerful tool to increase earnings, stave off unemployment and quicken recovery from economic downturns according to a recent report called Education Pays: the Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society.

Sandy Baum, author of the report, went on to state that, “Consistently over time, unemployment rates are about half for college graduates.” And while they are employed, keep in mind that college grads make up to 74% more than their counterparts with only a high school diploma, making their degree a solid investment indeed. For more information, read the complete article here.

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