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Florida Prepaid 2021 Open Enrollment Period Ends April 30

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Florida Prepaid College Board Launches 2020 Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment Period With Lowest Prices in Five Years

The Florida Prepaid College Board has announced the 2020 Open Enrollment window with the lowest Prepaid Plan prices in five years, giving Florida families an opportunity to start saving for college risk-free for as little as $44 a month for a newborn. The special pricing is available during Open Enrollment from February 1 through April 30

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Florida Prepaid College Board Lowers Prepaid Plan Prices by $1.3 Billion for Current Customers and Reduces 2020 Plan Prices

224,000 customers will have Prepaid Plan prices lowered by $1.3 billion. Lower Plan prices for the 2020 Open Enrollment period, which begins February 1 and ends April 30, 2020, will start at $44 / month for a newborn. Price reductions are due to successive years of lower than anticipated tuition…

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Florida Prepaid Announces 529 Savings Plan Enhancements

Families can save $50 when enrolling in a Prepaid Plan, and get $50 toward their college savings just for starting a Florida 529 Savings Plan Now through October 13, Florida Prepaid will waive the $50 application fee when families enroll in a Florida Prepaid College Plan.When families open a Florida…

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30 Scholarships for First-Generation Students

Founder, Stanley G. Tate, was instrumental in the creation of both the Florida Prepaid College Board and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, providing a path to higher education for Floridians The scholarships valued at more than $27,000 each ($824,000 total) will be awarded to incoming Fall 2019 Freshmen The partnership…

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Florida Prepaid College Board Launches 30th Anniversary Open Enrollment

The Florida Prepaid College Board will launch the 30th year of Open Enrollment on Friday, February 1, 2019, with Prepaid Plans that remain at the same affordable prices as last year.

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Florida Prepaid College Board Launches 30th Anniversary Year With New Open Enrollment Dates, Next Florida Prepaid Kid Contest

The Florida Prepaid College Board today announced it will shift the next Open Enrollment period to better accommodate families’ financial needs.

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Florida Prepaid Urges Families to Lock in Tomorrow’s Tuition For Less Before 2017-18 Open Enrollment Ends

With just two weeks remaining in its annual Open Enrollment period, the Florida Prepaid College Board is encouraging families to lock in future college tuition costs by signing up for one of six guaranteed and affordable Florida Prepaid College Plans.

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Florida Prepaid Offers State Employee Promotion to Encourage College Savings

The Florida Prepaid College Board is offering a unique incentive to state employees, encouraging them to lock in affordable prices for Florida Prepaid College Plans before Open Enrollment ends Feb. 28.

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