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8 High-Paying Jobs Available With an Associate’s Degree

For decades, getting a Bachelor’s Degree was considered the best way to ensure a successful career in virtually any field. And make no mistake, a Bachelor’s Degree is still essential to many career paths. But as times have changed, several professions have helped to make an Associate’s Degree an attractive alternative for students looking to avoid student loan debt and get into their chosen career faster.

These degrees, available at universities in Florida and at Florida Colleges (formerly called Community Colleges), typically take two years instead of four. And, as the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce discovered in their College Payoff Report, 28.2% of Associate’s Degree graduates can actually out-earn their Bachelor’s Degree holding counterparts.

The top-rated job for those with an AA Degree based on median hourly earnings was as a Radiation Therapist ($37.36 per hour), followed by Dental Hygienist ($34.77) and Nuclear Medicine Technologist ($33.96). For more information, read the complete article here.

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